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    If, like me, you were given birth to in the early eighties, you will be part of the first generation to develop up with an in house video game system. As such, wide variety my fondest memories maturing are the 8 bit characterizations of simulated adventure. Personally it was Super Mario Brothers that started my life longer obsession, for others it was Web page link in the Zelda Series, for the more seasoned veterans on the console wars it may be Pitfall, Pac Man, or Centipede. My hobby started out innocently enough, a few hours a day attempting to find the right castle to save typically the princess. For many of us this first game, that initially console in our homes created many new worlds for us in order to delight in, but , as with every thing, there was a downside to phoning yourself a gamer.

    Social communications with peers in elementary and then middle school had been at best tense as ticks of formed and video game aficionados like me were forged out of any of the "traditional" organizations. For example the Jocks, yes I actually played sports all when i was youn, but I never really belonged with the Jocks. While they will spent their time adhering to professional players with dangerous abandon I was too busy trashing Bebop and Rocksteady in my endless quest to saving April O’neil. I was a child of multiple worlds, like many of my good friends right now. However , one day, and I still cannot put an exact date to this particular, the perception of gamers started changing.

    I do recall being astounded by the number of persons in my High School that were gamers, while still predominately Male, no longer did I discover the Clicks in my school split up into gamers and low gamers, the two were merging and video games were learning to be a tool to bring people with each other instead of a divide. Even to this day a bit of a stigma remains throughout society when you admit that you’re a gamer. Convention possesses held that "Gamers" tend to be single, overweight males, with little, if any, job ambitions, living in their mother’s basement, and NEVER EVER getting laid. This tide is usually changing my friends, and rapidly we will have to embrace a whole new reality, causal gaming has taken over our industry along with thrown out the conventions.

    The Bad News

    Let me explain this kind of transition in a two pronged argument. I will start with unhealthy news first. With the discharge of the Nintendo Wii, the world of game playing was changed forever. Advertising to "causal gamers" Nintendo’s creative designers quickly capitalized on an complex idea. By changing the best way people view and connect to video games, Nintendo was able to increase the market beyond the promotions. No longer were hardcore
    wow classic gold of Nintendo, they’d already lost the war of the hardware to Nintendo and Microsoft, but they opened a new market with online games like Wii Sports and yes it wasn’t long until Volvo and Microsoft saw the particular dollar signs and decided to stick to suit.

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