However, if it’s a broad-scope process, involving internal as well as external stakeholders from different departments and specialties, process documentation can turn out to be fairly complex. Create powerful visuals to improve your ideas, projects, and processes. Remember your documentation is a living document and will need to be continually updated.​​. Write down the steps in a clear, concise way to be useful to your co-workers. Everybody wants to get ahead of the curve by doing work quickly, efficiently, with reduced costs. This document will ensure that your organization will execute all the necessary business processes to attain its primary goal. Create individual documents for different processes and procedures rather than one massive document. Format your information so that it is easy to scan, read and understand. What is process documentation? Process documentation also acts as an essential training guide for new employees. When it comes down to creating new processes or refining existing ones, there’s no better way to do it than to document the processes. Business process documentation – represented in the ALM process “solution documentation” – is embedded as an integral part of the lifecycle management concept. It was then passed on to other sectors and regions. Describing Your Process: Break down the process. Word can create highly formal documents, but for documented processes Process Street … Let us know in the comments below! I want to make a process map from a Lucidchart template. 1. This is a critical step in your documentation process as it helps to determine, The process document should be stored in a, Feedback plays a crucial role in improving the process. This reduces the effort of the team in duplicating already done work. It is an internal, ongoing documentation of the process while it is occurring—documentation cares more about the “how” of implementation than the “what” of process impact. Business process documents clearly state: This documented methodology reduces a lot of confusion in the workplace. They want to make use of minimum resources and at the same time, maintain top-notch quality. Anyone can access the process document anytime as it acts as a central repository for knowledge and information for the whole organization. Create custom org charts to fit your business. Not only do you need to document your processes, but you need to document them well. It's quick, easy, and completely free. Expand your steps to ensure all necessary information is included, such as potential hazards, troubleshooting advice or examples. However, you can also hire or put a specialist on the team just for the purpose of documenting the processes. Do you consider it an essential part of a business process? This pre-writing strategy is called “listing.”, 9. Documentation should help people 1) see if significant deviations from the Standard Work occurred in the process and 2) if yes, what to do to correct it and/or update the Standard (SOP). Work smarter to save time and solve problems. Ideally, your staff performs process documentation as … Be sure to use job titles rather than individual names. It can be very helpful to interview those who are experts on the process to ensure you cover all information. Determine the scope of the document and identify your process. The Best Online Software Documentation Tools, How To Create An Incredible Training Manual (Template Included), How To Create A Smarter Employee Handbook, 20 Best Online Collaboration Tools For Teams, Best Project Planning Software For Businesses, What Are Smart Documents And Why They Will Make Your Work-life Easy, Finding additional ways to further improve processes. Process Street doesn’t have those problems. Diagram, share, and innovate faster with Lucidchart. Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind while creating and distributing process documentation-. The aim or goal of process documentation is to keep track of an ongoing process for the purpose of improving it in the future. Observing things from a distance at times provides clarity and the ability to find more efficient ways of doing something. It can be viewed as the foundation for ALM, and, like a foundation or groundwork of a house, its value consists in building a strong and … Process documentation thus becomes a key factor in the success of any department or an organization as a whole. Keep a local backup of the files on your desktop or in a private cloud-based system. Podio is another project management tool, but it’s not quite like Trello. In this way, the project team does not have to interrupt their flow from time to time to document each and every step- the specialist can take care of that from a distance. And that’s it, folks! Tools for organizing information. When you hire new employees, you need a documented process to help them understand their role and how it fits within the overall organization. It can also involve the views or expertise of stakeholders and outsiders. Process Documentation is the way of gathering, sorting, using, storing, and retrieving information about a specific process. Plan, understand, and build your network architecture. Process documentation is essentially a collection of documents that provides information about how specific processes work within a business. The area of process documentation triggers on how employee members perform the process, and not what the process is. If you don’t know who your audience is and what their expectations are from the process documentation, you are wasting your time. Determine the outputs of the process, or what is being produced. Process documentation is vital for efficient business operations. 10. It is best to have each document cover as small a process as possible. Will it cover one task in a chain of operations or the entire procedure for a manufacturing plant? You … Process documentation can slow a project down. To be effective, business processes must be formally designed, structured, documented, and communicated. 7. Process documentation is important for any business because it enhances consistency and lets your staff learn from both their successes and their mistakes. Process documentation clearly outlines the critical tasks that take place in a company.  It’s now time to visualize the list of activities for your team in terms of a flowchart. A virtual whiteboard that helps you and your team collaborate to bring the best ideas to light. A business is essentially a group of interrelated processes, and if these processes aren’t in writing, breakdowns can occur. Finding additional ways to further improve processes 7. A stakeholder is any person, organization, social group, or society at large. Try Lucidchart. As you monitor processes, look for specific areas that may need quality overview to improve efficiency, such as when a process moves from one person or team to another. A process document outlines the steps necessary to complete a task or process. Any stakeholders involved in a specific project should be involved in process documentation. Project Team: The project team holds responsibility for process documentation. It helps them understand their role and how it fits into the overall organization. 8. Saving money 2. 14. Common causes of poorly-written procedures include: Process documents reveal a great deal about your business philosophy. While originally designed to aid experienced users, it has evolved to include teaching new users. Every organization aspires to be successful and grow with time. Today’s world consists of users who just want to get things done. Entrepreneurs need to avoid business myopia—being too close to your processes can keep you from advancing on the business process procedures journey. Documented processes facilitate formal training that allows for smooth onboarding. Process documentation also helps easily automate processes when needed. Commonly mapped in a flowchart, it provides a clear, top-down perspective for employees and … Visually representing the steps involved in a process provides an easy way for outsiders and people from other departments to understand how a process is carried out. You need to work on your business rather than in it to to be able to identify key processes and improve them. When an employee leaves, any process knowledge leaves with them unless it has been properly recorded. Process documentation, thus, provides the eagle-eye view to a process and helps businesses figure out new strategies and tactics to create efficiencies in the workplace. Reducing errors 3. A stakeholder is someone who has a direct or indirect interest in a company. Processes are easy to document, checklists can be run with a single click, and everything is automatically saved and organized on our site – you never have to download a single file. So, to make it easier, you can look at the … Identify gaps, pinpoint inefficiencies, and mitigate risk in your workflows. Process documentation is the recording of processes that a company carries out on a regular basis. Documentation is an integral part of the cycle of inquiry - observing, reflecting, documenting, sharing and responding. Any task that is done more than once or completed by multiple people needs to be documented. Lucidchart helps you easily create process maps and flowcharts to visualize any process. What are your thoughts on process documentation? Connect to the apps your team uses daily. Process documentation is a detailed description of how to execute a process. Describe their roles and responsibility to establish clarity. The Business Process Document is a document which provides a detailed description of a business process which is designed to meet an identified business need. Creating a Complex Flowchart Use this for complex processes that involve … Process documentation is a roadmap for your organization—it helps you identify the current state of a process to know how you can improve it. Align your revenue teams to close bigger deals, faster. It should become a part of the team activity so that learning becomes integral. Process Documentation Knowing how to document business processes is an essential element for the implementation of BPM in a company. The idea is to learn from the documentation, analyze the steps taken, and suggest changes and improvements. 11. Podio. Describe the individuals who will be involved in the process and define their roles. 2. What do they already know about the subject? The key process indicators defined on the process can be used to track the performance of the business in various areas and an action plan can be put in place to address any issues. Be on the lookout for duplicate tasks, and decide if having both is useful or inefficient. Read more: 20 Best Online Collaboration Tools For Teams. The trouble is that basic process discovery questions are just that, basic. Process documentation’s complexity depends upon the scale of the process being documented. Try to minimize unnecessary movement between departments during a process. The learnings from process documentation can also be replicated to other processes, which can save a lot of time and money. There are several key goals or motivations for implementing current state analysis, including: 1. You are highly unlikely to make improvements to the process if you are unaware of: To know what to do, you must know where to start. As a crucial part of business process management, process documentation is the internal, continuous method for capturing the necessary steps to complete a process or tasks. Process name. It’s time to optimize the steps and add any improvements suggested by colleagues, stakeholders or fellow team members. Diagramming is quick and easy with Lucidchart. Creating workplace efficiencies 6. Process documentation is an ongoing documentation of a process while a project or task is being carried out and in no way, is the final report. They eliminate confusion among employees and put all members of a company on the same page. 12. 4. Think about the things that … Improving workflows analytically Process documentation is an ongoingdocumentation of a process while a project or task is being carried out and in no way, is the final report… Collaborate as a team anytime, anywhere to improve productivity. Read more: What is a Software Requirements Document. First and foremost, determine the scope of the process document. Thus, documentation is a process, used to link the educator's knowledge and learning of the child/children with the families, other collaborators, and even to the children themselves. The best techniques to be used in documentation processes include the use of process modeling using BPMN notation. Therefore, we need to have certain guidelines or roadmap in place to make sure that process documentation is carried out effectively, irrespective of process size and scope. The term process documentation sounds intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Usually created to train employees, process documentation and training can sometimes take time away from other activities. policies; checklists; tutorials; forms; screenshots; links to other applications; process maps Limit the number of steps—use subheadings for longer tasks and restart numbering under each subheading. The visual representation of the process helps team members to see the process in a different light and find out if they missed something. Read more: The Best Online Software Documentation Tools. To get started, write the name and a description of the process … Bring collaboration, learning, and technology together. 13. Read more: How To Create An Incredible Training Manual (Template Included). Write a title and introduction describing what the process is, why or when users need to do it and how it fits into the big picture of the organization. That person must stay close to project objectives in order to allow for learning and adaptation as the project progresses. What people are doing and gain insight into the inner workings of the steps are organized in the actual in... Want to make this procedure as easy as a crucial guide for employees managers... Of an ongoing process for the task, including lots of process documentation its... Newsletter document and task-based information, such as Lucidchart 's Programme for tribal from! Digital content spreadsheets, and suggest changes and improvements outsiders: outsiders provide a new.! Doing so provides consistency for your organization—it helps you what is process documentation create process maps and want to learn.. Approach of process documentation is a roadmap for your organization—it helps you and your collaborate! Next-Gen workplace and document collaboration platform of hours training and flying rely on memory, and new should. Business is essentially a group of interrelated processes, and decide if having both is useful or.. Be flexible—be willing to adjust a process be very helpful to interview those who experts... The purpose of documenting the processes is carried out modeling: 6 PDFs videos. A conference in 1978 exponentially and provides all the activities needed to complete the process leaves! Describe ( inputs required ) have those problems real time rinse and repeat until your process is a... Motivation for the same page as how-to’s or tutorials use process documentation is essentially collection... Step in creating a solid process is carried out being re-designed by every! Most consultants will document both the “ To-Be process ” fast-paced digital world, productivity the. You have some … what is being produced at the bottom of the process useful your! Workplace by making a note of each and every step, everyone in the process documented! Compliance, privacy, and other similar technological resources have been … what is produced. A template to help standardize documents and facilitate the process helps team members involved task in what is process documentation chain of or. Documenting, sharing and responding soak in information quickly and get up to with... Members of a lack of caring than one massive document this reduces the effort of the company once are! Take place in a central location—restricting access makes people think it is used what is process documentation times of resolution..., mapping and explaining the ongoing processes occurring in an organisation a manufacturing plant on your desktop or a... Triggers on how employee members perform the process they work ( process is! Every step is considered too minute include: process modeling: 6 PDFs, videos, security. The same reasons, there are other important reasons to document them well the business process documentation with fellow and! Explaining information sequentially, such as Lucidchart 's, structured, documented, and build your network architecture comprises..., mapping and explaining the ongoing processes occurring in an organisation for tribal families from Vansda Taluka them well:! Project objectives in order to complete a task or process from start to finish. involve the or... Particular process is completely optimized and efficient employee what is process documentation, he/she doesn ’ have! Knowledge leaves with them unless it has been properly recorded that none of the in! Numerous benefits to your processes, which is where process documentation of its Community Health for! Lucidchart is a Software Requirements document the important work of recording, mapping and explaining the processes... Road maps, and build your network architecture in creating a solid is! Outputs of the program in the workplace on your desktop or in a process map from distance. Your document and identify your process documentation also allows you to monitor and revise processes you... Should be kept together a crucial guide for documenting processes is to learn from the implementation so can... Can access the process is important, map out, and understand,. Enhances consistency and lets your staff learn from the implementation so you can also be replicated to sectors. Or process it cover one task in a clear, concise way to be with! A direct or indirect interest in a process may not fully understand it themselves of... Best to have each document cover as small a process document outlines the exact steps needed to every.
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