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    It is a commonly used type of plastic for temporary roofing covering in places having extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornados, cyclones and heavy rains. It is usually utilized to cover up damaged or collapsing asphalt roofs to make it easy for repair work and also to provide an extra layer of protection against erosion. The material used to manufacture the plastic is resistant to the harsh effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and hence can be used during prolonged exposure.

    pvc tarp

    PVC tarpaulins are usually used for commercial purposes, where its strength and durability are needed. PVC or Vinyl chloride is a man made material having extremely high tensile strength. PVC tarpaulins are available in various qualities such as light, medium, thick and heavy duty. The heavy duty variety is used for protecting commercial buildings from the damage caused by heavy snow and rainfall as well as to protect the building from the effects of wind, hurricane and earthquake. As the plastic is water resistant, its application is also useful in many other situations including swimming pools, sports arenas, sports equipment and many other recreational areas.

    A PVC tarpaulin made up of PVC fabric is a great choice for those people who want to safeguard their properties. Even though it is a plastic, its durability and tensile strength are great for those people who are in need of temporary cover for their damaged or rotting roofs. In addition to this, it is very easy to install and even more affordable than the other materials. Another plus point of using the fabric is that it is not very noisy when operating and it can be easily maintained using a simple wipe to remove any kind of stains. Since it is a man made material, the cost of manufacturing the laminated pvc tarpaulin fabric is much lesser than the price of the other materials.