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    Royalton Antigua Review
    Top-rated, top-of-the-line, and award-winning all inclusive luxury resort in beautiful Antigua, near the coast of the Caribbean. The newly renovated, award-winning, top-notch, and award winning Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa promises travelers an escape from everyday life. The hotel is designed to give guests the experience of an island vacation from within, complete with the conveniences and pampering of the best quality hotels in the region. Antigua’s rich history, the unique natural landscape, and the unique fusion of cultural and commercial elements, combine to create one of the most interesting and beautiful hotels of the region.
    Royalton Antigua shares its coast with five distinct sections. The five distinct sections are: Coral Coast, Downtown, East Village, South Village, and Harbor. Each section features its own unique attractions and activities for guests to choose from while on vacation. This unique aspect of Royalton Antigua makes this destination a great choice for couples, families, and singles alike.
    A Royalton Antigua Vacation Club delivers incredible amenities with a stunning private beach. This stunning private beach can be booked with a full-service concierge. The concierge will take clients on a private beach tour, where they will view the exquisite marine life, and enjoy complimentary meals and cocktails while soaking up the gorgeous clear waters and warm sun. After a day of sun bathing and exploring, guests can return to their room for luxurious bedding and pillows created just for them.
    Royalton Antigua also offers discerning travelers an exciting range of restaurants that offer a variety of menus. In addition to fine dining, there are casual restaurants that feature menus that are suitable for children as well as adults. This new generation venue features award-winning cuisine by world-class chefs. Guests can dine at the award winning Royalton Royal Kitchen, or experience fine cuisine from top chefs at the Ritz Carlton.
    Royalton Antigua offers its guests a truly unique and all-natural way to experience Caribbean travel. This destination is home to the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is the largest natural garden in the western hemisphere. The gardens are the pride of the island and are brimming with gardens of every size, color, and species. The Royal Botanic Gardens is also home to an oceanfront aquarium that offers tours of the aquatic animals found in the gardens. Other attractions include the botanical library, historic gardens, and the Royal Antiguan Art Gallery.
    Royalton Antigua Review continues with information about the resort’s pool and spa offerings. The tropical pools are considered to be among the best in the Caribbean. The pool and spa amenities are designed to please any guest that desires a relaxing vacation. The pools are surrounded by lush tropical foliage and are surrounded by beautiful boats and yachts. The beaches are very long and stretch on for miles along the coast.