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    In this document, we have described the steps for Installation of Canon printers without CD on Windows as well as Mac operating system. We have explained the installation procedure for printers for both wireless and wired connection. If you intend to to discover effective information about printer, you must look at
    ij.start.canon website.

    Make use of Wired Connection in Windows to install Canon Printers without CD

    Wired connection without cd on Windows

    These steps will help you connect to a wired network on Windows without the need for a CD.

    The first step is to try and establish a proper connection between your Canon printer and Windows computer using the printer’s USB cable.

    Click on the "Devices and Printers" option on the Start button. From the screen that opens, right-click your printer’s icon and choose "Properties".

    After having checked the model number and the name of your Canon printer, you can minimize the screen you are on by clicking "Ok".

    Now right-click on the "Computer" option from the Start menu, and then select "Manage" from the available options.

    Click on the "Device Manager" button in the upper left corner. Thereafter click on "Other Devices" from the provided options on the list.

    If you’re still in the same screen When you are on the same screen, right-click on your device and select "Update Driver Software".

    The next window that will appear on your screen hit click on "Browse my computer for driver software".

    Click on "Let’s me select one of the Canon drivers stored on my computer". After that, select "Next" after choosing the "Printer" option.

    Now on the next window select your printer driver from the list of drivers and press "Next".

    Follow the instructions on the screen, then hit "Next".

    Click on the "Finish" option once you get an email stating that you’ve successfully added your printer.

    After your computer has restarted successfully, you can go to "Devices and Printers", in the Start menu and then select "Printer Properties".

    Click on "Print test page"

    Now your printer setup is done and is ready to use.

    Following the steps above you can effortlessly install Canon printers without CD by connecting via wired connection on Windows operating system.

    Wireless connection with no CD required for Windows

    These are the requirements to set up a wireless Canon printer without cd on Windows.

    Access points must have a physical WPS button.

    The network of the user must be running the WiFi secured access, or WPA2 security protocol.

    The procedure for installation:

    Make sure that your printer is on. Hold and press the button for WiFi until the alarm lamp blinks for at minimum.

    Make sure that the lamp next to the button is lit up in blue. After that, visit the printer’s access points, and press the WPS button for two minutes.

    After the printer has successfully connected to the wireless network, it will lose lighting and power will cease flashing. The steady light will be visible.

    Your Canon printer is successfully connected wirelessly and you can now print tests here!