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    Mechanical wear is unavoidable for just about any vehicle. Especially prone to uncomfortable side effects paintwork. There could be scratches and chips. Effectively prevent this will aid anti-gravel film.


    High-quality products are nearly impossible to view on top. Simultaneously, they provide maximum strength. With thanks to the film, it is possible to keep up with the natural hue of the paintwork. The graphic design elements used on our bodies last longer.

    Anti-gravel films are flexible, which meets the requirements modern manufacturers. The coating perfectly follows the most complex contours. Today out there you will find modifications that may continue for several year.

    What does the vehicle protect they from? It:

    mechanical damage;

    cracks and chips;


    These factors bring about the development of corrosion. It may be harder to manage compared to the phenomena described above.

    Russian roads are unlikely to include proper quality. To them in vast quantities you will find tubercles and pits. The asphalt is cracking. Consequently, it is split up into small particles. During the ride, they fly out from underneath the wheels with the vehicles right in front. Car cover is damaged.

    The catch is solved often. Suppose a motorist can regularly head to paint, but this pleasure is just not cheap. An alternative involves road repair. Additionally it is tough to implement because of the large scale at work.

    All of that remains is among the most practical and cheapest solution – anti-gravel films. They are offered to many vehicle owners.

    Weighed against alternative methods of protecting your machine, the described product posseses an adjusted price. In addition to minor damage, it protects your vehicle from:


    harmful reagents;

    small collisions as well as their consequences.


    Anti-gravel films are produced from a unique material. It’s based on polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. It’s advocated while using product to the front with the car. It is usually suitable for headlights, fog lights and thresholds. Because of its transparent structure, it could be matched to any body color.

    Number of quality products

    The main criterion for quality is thickness. The more expensive it can be, the stronger the film. A modification was received through which this indicator originates from 100 to 200 microns. Its characteristics provide reliable protection. It is possible to apply which lasts quite a while, as much as Several years.

    In case a transparent film is used for the headlights, you need to change it out at least every several years. She adds with a new look. Light characteristics also tend not to suffer.

    The buzz of the year is anti-gravel polyurethane film. Its thickness varies between 150-200 microns. A real coating is usually recommended for usage if your driver has got to travel in difficult conditions. A fantastic film can also be in the event that whether it is necessary to paste over only headlights or thresholds.

    Please note that this modification is more expensive. Vinyl films, for example, will set you back less. But no need to save the price. Do not spare money now, plus the long run it is possible to stay away from the price of varnishing, painting and polishing.

    Cheap modifications of anti-gravel film cost 900-1000 rubles. per linear meter. In the matter of a bulk order, some companies offer impressive discounts. As a result, you can buy materials at a cost all the way to 400-500 rubles / m.

    "Golden middle" might be called products worth 2-3 thousand per meter. More costly varieties of films will definitely cost from 4 thousand rubles. far better.


    So what can an anti-gravel protective film give ?

    There is no need to think about regular restoration in the paintwork.

    Products serve many years, without changing their color. The body is reliably protected.

    A transparent film is applied quickly. A motorist are capable of doing this even with their own hands. The information can stretch. For that reason, he easily takes the form of any object.

    It is difficult to note her presence, because it practically doesn’t alter from one’s body color. She will not distort it.

    Simple disassembly is another advantage. The film is taken off easier than applied.

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