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    Photos of Uluru have turn into such a cliche that it is easy to forget what the rock is like in reality. A large slab of sandstone fashioned by erosion that was, hundreds of thousands of years in the past, completely underwater.

    It is a walkers paradise, with trails and walkways winding over the entire island, where the coastal paths reveal impressive views over Wineglass Bay and the Bay of Fires. Sure, you’ll be able to fly in, see the rock and fly out once more the subsequent day.

    The greatest surprise for folks seeing it up close for the first time is just how huge it is. It’s 348 metres high and practically 10 kilometres to walk round. Most of the rock is underground – it’s estimated it extends 2.5 kilometres beneath ground stage.

    Uluru ought to be seen at dawn and sunset, as well as from the bottom walk in the course of the day.
    Check out the travel info But along with this, there’s Kata Tjuta, the Field of Light , cultural excursions, unique dining and cultural experiences and plenty extra. If you’re only interested in ticking an merchandise off your bucket list, that’s fine, but to actually expertise Uluru you’ll need three or four days.

    It’s not as famous as Uluru, however nearby Kata Tjuta is just as spectacular. While it isn’t one single slab of sandstone like Uluru, Kata Tjuta was shaped in much the identical way and is a collection of giant boulders jutting up from the landscape. Visitors can walk amongst them and at sunset they glow brilliant purple in a spectacular show. It’s about 25 kilometres from Uluru and, while it’s attainable to visit each in at some point, it is exhausting.

    There’s proof the native Anangu individuals have inhabited the land here for about 22,000 years, with stories passed down through oral custom. Both Uluru and Kata Tjuta feature necessary sacred websites and play key roles in Anangu culture. At varied sheltered spots on the rock you possibly can see historic work telling some of the stories of the Anangu.