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    An oxygen concentrator is a device used in oxygen therapy that alters the level of oxygen in a room to match a patient’s individual needs. The unit are often used rather than compressed oxygen, because they provide several advantages over tanks. Additionally, there are portable oxygen concentrators which you can use in a patient’s vehicle, or brought using them to other locations for convenience. Here, we shall address some of the reasons to choose one of these brilliant devices for your oxygen therapy regimen.

    The concentrator is basically an air filter, in that it draws nitrogen out of the air to increase the amount of O2 in an area. This oxygen level can be set at increments of four percent, ranging from twenty-one percent (that is normal room level) to forty-five percent. This allows a patient to receive just as much oxygen because they require. Concentrators can also provide oxygen in pulsed or continuous flows. One of the primary reasons patients choose concentrators over compressed oxygen tanks is they are much more convenient. Because
    Hypodermic Needles and uncompressed, concentrators can offer a hassle-free alternative for oxygen therapy.

    Other benefits of oxygen concentrator devices include lower overall cost, with a typical unit selling for roughly eight hundred dollars, and increased safety, as oxygen tanks can rupture and cause a number of different safety hazards. Oxygen concentrators may also be available for short term lease in case a patient is suffering from an acute condition that requires only a brief period of treatment. Portable oxygen models can even be connected to a vehicle’s DC adaptor for use within the car.

    If you are currently undergoing oxygen therapy or will undoubtedly be doing so soon, buying an oxygen concentrator is definitely an effective, convenient, low-cost, and safe solution. The devices are simple to use, and have a number of different settings that make it easy to set the level and delivery of oxygen to your individual needs. Some models are even able to detect when a patient is inhaling, increasing their effectiveness and decreasing operation costs. This extends the life of the filters within the concentrator, making them last longer between periods in which they might need a replacement. You don’t need to wheel around a heavy tank filled with compressed oxygen to your requirements, and oxygen concentrators are the perfect solution for all those undergoing oxygen therapy.

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