practitioner with a summary score that is less sensitive than the FSIQ to the influence of working memory and processing speed. Then use Raw Score Conversion Table 3 at the bottom of this page to convert your total raw scores to cross-test scores. Scaled Scores . Raw Score Conversion Table 3: Cross-Test Scores Conversion Equation 3: Calculate Your Cross-Test Scores Put your question-specific raw scores from page 7 into the table. Use the Score Conversion Table to convert your raw score into the 120–180 scale. The Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR) is intended as a measure of premorbid intellectual functioning that can be used for individuals aged 16–89. LSAT Form 8LSN75 (June 2007) You can only interpret a raw score as a particular set of test questions. A raw score of 58—meaning 58 correct answers—converts to a scaled score of 151. Now for reading and writing. A raw score represents the number of exam questions you answer correctly. Scale scores differ from raw scores in that you can interpret scale scores across different sets of test questions. The adjusted premorbid IQ is obtained through entering ANALYSIS IN HISTORY/ SOCIAL STUDIES RAW SCORE (0-35) Also, the IQ estimate (The Test of Premorbid Functioning) converts raw scores to an IQ estimate, either just with the raw score, or with the raw score AND demographic variables of age, gender and years of education. Add together the number of questions you answered correctly in each section. Here, a raw score of 67—that is, 67 correct answers—converts to a scaled score of 156. For example, if an exam has 100 questions, and you get 80 of them correct, your raw score … Psychomotor functioning. You need to get the scaled score for each: Using the table above, you see that the raw score of 40 for the reading test is equal to 36. Scores from the WTAR have been used to predict IQ and index scores on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III) and Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS-III). The first step to understanding scaled scores is to learn how they differ from raw scores. This is your raw score. ... Test of Premorbid Functioning On a different test, a raw score of 58 might convert to a 150 or a 152. Scaled score, the familiar 120–180 number, is a conversion of the raw score. Let’s say you got a raw score of 40 for reading and 37 for writing and language. Notes: All scores are age-corrected standard scores based on normative data in the test manuals (except the MMSE, which is raw score). For Converting Raw Score to the 120-180 LSAT Scaled Score. And the raw score of 37 for the writing and language test … Premorbid intellect is either from Wechsler Test of Adult Reading or Test of Premorbid Functioning. Test of Premorbid Functioning. The table below contains the STAAR raw score conversion tables for 2019–2020. premorbid functioning typically are based on performance on tasks that are not affected by cognitive change or on demographic comparisons. Raw Scores vs. Score Conversion Table. The TOPF[6] involves reading up to 70 irregular English words. The raw score (total number correct) can be converted into two estimates of premorbid IQ. The unadjusted premorbid IQ is based on published tables developed through regression with TOPF alone as a predictor of IQ. National Adult Reading Test. The basic score on any test is the raw score, which is the number of questions answered correctly. Some, but not all, of the profile scores are converted based on IQ and age. The Test of Premorbid Functioning (TOPF), a revision of the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR; Wechsler, 2001), is used to estimate an individual’s premorbid cognitive and memory functioning.
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