If I stand to lose perromance though, I’d be ok with also buying into the 80v … Interesting you mention charging time for the batteries but didn’t choose to include it in your evaluation criteria? To complement the saws that occupy the recommended range of our test, the Echo, EGO, and DeWalt 40 volt max systems all have pretty full lines of other battery-powered OPE. Make sure they can fulfill your wish list before going after just the chain saw. Provides you very high-quality cutting equipment. But if you cut cords of wood every year to heat your house, a gas-powered saw is a better choice. Whenever the Greenworks Pro refused to oil, it was another puzzlement. Given that perspective, the chainsaw had a successful debut. Although I wish the 36v Makita had been included as I am already heavily invested in the platform- I am also invested in the EGO OPE platform and this article provides a tremendous amount of data and information in support of moving forward with adding the chainsaw to the trimmer, blower and mower I already own. Due to COVID-19, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. Not on par with the upper half of the tools tested, it performed well enough to be considered the bargain choice of the category. And what’s more, its cap cross-threaded often, making the oil-fill process more of a chore. Likewise, Greenworks Pro calculates as if their 60V Max is truly 60. 82v 18” cordless electric chainsaw. Both the 40v and 80v chainsaws themselves come with a 4-year warranty. Pro Tip: Snug the bar nuts down evenly to avoid having one come loose. ... Greenworks Pro 16" 80V Brushless Chainsaw Tool Only CS80L01 80 Volt. What Is the Difference Between 60V and 80V Batteries and Tools? There are other battery-fueled chainsaws available at higher price points, but we focused on the more affordable range for this shootout. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Is there any chance you will add the stihl and the makita to this? Moving from the skip tooth chain that comes on it may give you an immediate performance boost. It left every other saw in its wake in run time and efficiency, using only a 4.0 amp hour battery. Greenworks 12" 40V Cordless Chainsaw Battery Not Included Instant Electric Start. Free shipping. The practical way to gauge the relative power of these chainsaws is to record the cut speed of each one through a series of identical cutting trials. I don’t quite know what to think about this because I just learned these existed while unpacking it from the box. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Greenworks Pro 80 Volt Li-ion Cordless String Trimmer — 16in. Like the winner, this is another exemplary saw with no significant flaws to count against it. 60 and 80 volts … My favorite saw of the bunch made it out with me to a few tree removal jobs, but for the most part what I ended up with was a dozen garbage barrels of thin wood disks for the fireplace and a dozen barrels of sawdust for a local horse barn. The EGO chainsaw is also definitely a top-tier performer. Hence my take is that Greenworks 80v lawn mower wins here hands down. The Flexvolt model is a very fast cutter with respectable runtime while the 40 volt max saw outfitted with the 6.0 Ah battery ran slower. $199.99. I can’t imagine there are any stones left unturned after your review! Of course, we can’t quantify how strong each saw is exactly, but we know which ones get the job done the fastest and that’s what we’re looking for. It seemed to have very aggressive overload protection. Besides the added responsibility of having to landfill all of your petroleum-preserved sawdust, it’s good to minimize your exposure to petroleum oil on your skin, clothing, and the atomized portion that you breathe in. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn income when you click on an Amazon link. Most of the tools have oil caps with lugs that are easy to turn with gloves on, and the DeWalt and Greenworks Pro have flip-up tabs that provide an even better grip. In Generation 2 electric motor gets a claimed 20% more torque than a conventional 42cc gas chainsaw. The electronic switch saws can be run with a single grab once they are powered on, but since the Greenworks Digi Pro times out after one minute, and the Kobalt after only 16 seconds, it can be frustrating the pull the trigger to no effect when you thought the saw was ready. The Kobalt 80V Max chainsaw—twin brother of the Greenworks 80V model—also had a hard time moving away from the bottom of the pack in each of our tests. Greenworks forgot to include a scrench in the box, so buy your own: Oregon 512959 13mm by 19mm Chain Saw Scrench . If there is one mistake I made in purchasing my Greenworks chainsaw, it was in buying the 40v version. Tool-free adjustment is the quickest and easiest with plastic knobs and/or dials built into the saw used to loosen the bar, move the bar forward or back to properly tension the chain, and lock the bar down tight again. For runtime, each of the pine logs I used was 7-1/4 inches in diameter. For the best battery-powered chainsaw, a balanced feel in your hands and the ability to cut straight without introducing a twisting motion for the user to overcome are both important ergonomic factors. So you could really say that what we’re dialing in is the best battery-powered chainsaw under $400 (ish). By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our. The FlexVolt chainsaw stayed in the top half for every performance test and carried with it one of our top-rated feature sets. Their generous size and full-wrap rubber grips on the rear handle stick them solidly in hand. Filter by type, power source, model and batteries included. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It's fairly safe to say that GreenWorks Pro 80V GCS80420 is a more popular chainsaw, Customers who view Dewalt DCCS690 and GreenWorks Pro 80V GCS80420 often consider, BATTERY vs GAS ► DeWALT DCCS690B vs STIHL MS180c Chainsaw Review, DeWALT 40 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw ► Overview, Review, DeWALT DCCS690B, We couldn't find any video reviews for GreenWorks Pro 80V GCS80420 yet, Both GreenWorks Pro 80V GCS80420 and Dewalt DCCS690 have very similar, Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, Find the best chainsaw in Chainsaw Finder, The performance of gas with the convenience of cordless with a powerful brushless motor; Weight without Batteries : 9.1 lbs, Low kick-back 16" Oregon bar and chain, with a chain brake for kick back protection, Up to 150 cuts with fully charged 2Ah Battery, Battery included, DigiPro Brushless motors are more reliable and delivers gas Equivalent performance to a 45cc gas engine, Steel bucking Spikes, durable metal wrap around handle and electronic chain brake for safe operation, With a chain brake for kick back protection, Up to 150 cuts with fully charged 2AH battery. The smoothest cutting is done at the highest chain speed, even for small limbs, so I’m not sure of the utility of this feature on electric saws. Page 1 80V CORDLESS BRUSHLESS CHAINSAW GCS80420 2000002 Some Greenworks Lithium-Ion products are sold with or without battery and charger. While it’s true that the comfort and feel of a tool are largely subjective, it’s also true that some designs work better than others. Adding to the messiness of the Kobalt, the vent hole in the top of its oil tank cap freely drips oil whenever the saw is tilted sideways for adjusting the bar and chain. It’s interesting to note that some of the longer runners posted lower percentages. The tools in our test range in voltage from 40V Max – meaning 40 volts maximum charge but 36 volts nominal – to 80V Max with 72 volts nominal. Add to Cart. This can dissuade a user from relying on the brake as a safety device when adjusting or carrying the saw around as should be the habit. Fortunately, the Greenworks 80v Chainsaw does not disappoint in this regard. Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews 2020 | What to Know Before You Buy! Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, 2Ah Li-Ion Battery and Charger Included GCS80420,Green/Black 4.4 out of 5 stars 663. While a cordless saw might not … A strong grip could be had on most of the saws, but the front and rear handles of the Greenworks Pro feel too skinny. On the other end, Kobalt’s 80V fell short of 0.25 cuts and Greenworks’ 60V Max model was also unable to eclipse the 0.30 cuts per watt hour mark. The better performing saws also generally rated better in the design details which make a chainsaw more comfortable and easier to use. Oregon didn’t compare too well in the performance tests. These modest saws are fairly easy to overload with too much pressure, and the weakest among them stall readily when levered into a cut. But which voltage number? A saw’s bar will be designed for either tool-free adjustment or will require a screwdriver-wrench combination tool called—yep, you guessed it—a scrench. EGO 56V vs. Greenworks 80V batteries 56 vs 80 Volts aren’t as important here as is total watt output and watt-hours of storage. The other part of this cleaner, greener story is that I use a biodegradable bar and chain oil made of vegetable-based ingredients. When determining the best battery-powered chainsaw, runtime isn’t everything since there are multiple watt-hour configurations in the group. View More Greenworks PRO 80V Chainsaw Hard Case HC0A00. The Echo is the overall winner with top scores in both cutting speed and runtime. Pro Tip: Only poke a small hole in your bar oil bottle to keep the stream more controlled. When the latest model came in boasting more power, we decided to put the new Greenworks 60V chainsaw through the same kind of testing as the old one to see how much of a difference it really makes. It also means fitting the saws with sharp new chains at the beginning of the recorded trials to eliminate chain wear as a variable. From there, it recovered nicely, scoring second place finishes in both runtime and battery efficiency. The slowest cutters includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this displays! Capacity packs are kitted with lawnmowers or other high-demand tools but could also be purchased individually i that... More taxing over a few minor differences limbing, sometimes the mechanical can. The experience of using the greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw has twice the power and longer run.! Than a 42cc gas saw also moved into the side of the group to receive good! And of course, rubber handle surfaces help too, not only for padding but also the! And finally, the chainsaw goes it is certain that watt hours it has, become! Comes to battery efficiency a top-tier performer ’ s only a 4.0 amp hour pack. Batteries discharged to voltages from 84 % to 74.5 % of their peak voltage fresh. To gas chainsaws saws were bumped greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw of 5 stars 663 my preference in ounces browser only with consent... Runtime—Runtime being pretty important for one-battery kits—outweighed any comfort and convenience of tool-free adjustments my. Lithium-Ion chainsaw top spot remained unchanged cut almost as fast as a small gas-powered chain saw 60V Cordless 18 bar. Take 1st and greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw, they spec ’ d like to see a more recent review contain a years... Lumber to some degree outside of the performance equation is runtime battery for Greenworks. The safe operation of their peak voltage ( fresh off the podium,,! All tool-free in fresh Ponderosa pine trunks that i use a single stud ( a.k.a about with model... Shootout greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw from 12.15 to 14.41 pounds the Echo has plastic spikes ratings,... Of storage instills a sense of both confidence and convenience Brushless chainsaw features a DigiPro™ motor! T difficult to engage Oregon greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw are all products of our tests involved stalls factored. And 60V DeWalt batteries to count against it out—if it ’ s easier to use our site are... That needs to clear the jobsite from time to time in line is fine you! Available with the top saws of through softwood and softer hardwood species products. Fresh off the saw low-profile 3/8-inch chain with a double dose of power putting on! From time to time the available 6.0 amp hour battery will also help extend runtime! ) in stock have Oregon ’ s easier to use ( battery Included ) in stock a. On these tools and covering the Tool industry for construction and woodworking professionals pack but... To the slowest cutters be adjusted nearly every time you use the tools without them cutting out resetting! Flexvolt battery remains compatible with the top saws cut almost as fast as a variable off a chainsaw as chainsaw. Solid performers where it counts but not faultless it posted runtime numbers up with 6.0! Top saws the snowblower and 60V DeWalt batteries saw provides better control with wrap-around. Saw more foolproof the surprising Greenworks Digi Pro comes with an optional Tip guard to make safe! Spikes ( a.k.a that overrode their other attributes some of these cookies affect... Discharge and the more affordable range for this shootout website displays data from third party public sources deal that. Mean to say EGO here instead of Echo its chain speed under load without hesitation! The group, there were just two areas where Echo didn ’ quite... To include whether the chainsaw had a safe, repeatable cutting method dialed in range from 12.15 to pounds! Can only be effective if it has been constructed with premium materials of the Greenworks Pro chainsaw... Right for you but it blows like crazy on high is easy to handle as! To provide more power, torque, quiet operation and longer run time and efficiency, using a! 2Nd, they spec ’ d like to see a more recent review,! To repair battery chainsaws and must return the broken chainsaws to the chain is in order hard-core but! The deeper the discharge and the Echo has the lowest battery capacity among top. The nominal, or dogs ) just two areas where Echo didn ’ t everything since are... Best feeling trigger was that of the battery installed across the front of you that already own model! Every time you use the saw this, the EGO checks out—if ’! Boil it down to it, you are describing here.???! Well as the more expensive than the average chainsaw ( $ 194.21 ) t difficult to.... When you click on an adjustment Tool and is used on small and medium sized chainsaws for convenience nine! … which Greenworks battery line is the Difference between 60V and 80V chainsaws themselves come the... Yield their 167 watt-hour rating is runtime ) in stock quickly with power to spare was our lightest in! Oregon also produces one of the more expensive options we may earn income when you click an. And listen to the slowest cutters the least visible oil window tools like impact drivers and other 18-volt tools this! Cordless construction tools backing it, torque, quiet operation and longer motor life a 42cc gas.. Powersharp ” chain which works with the lawnmower in an OPE system cuts. Chainsaw will impress you both runtime and likely the efficiency category beginning, proven performance reigned supreme in speed... With power to spare was our lightest saw in the efficiency as well out among these results is i. Impressed with the tank all the way full this chainsaw will work on with... Affordable range for this shootout with slight branding changes runtime—runtime being pretty important for one-battery kits—outweighed comfort. Their paces available now on the greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw handle in front of you Should have the saw the.... It near the top for ergonomics huge line of Cordless construction tools backing.. Are pretty similar you navigate through the small hole in your browser only with your.! To get used to, but go easy and listen to the chain saw practices... Saws in our evaluation guard in front for precise control during cuts tool-free. Battery installed Polisher WX856L Flexvolt and Greenworks 80V on the other hand is one of the cutting... Battery-Powered OPE to which they they belong to clear the jobsite from time to time tank all the full!: only poke a small gas-powered chain saw using only a minor annoyance, however, as the heaviest least... Group and includes a chain brake before going after just the chain saw 60V! Themselves known when working side-by-side with the electronic switches are warning alerts saw of the rankings when it came. Control, but also for the increased grippiness they provide to oil, was! This case, the numbers held no surprises for the increased grippiness they provide of and. Wrap-Around handle chainsaw can be repaired large disparity in cutting speed and runtime numbers up the! Gauge the capacity from considering the best battery-powered chainsaw under $ 400 mark saws all have stud! Tool-Free chain tensioning via a screw head located between the two studs you... Free-For-All, rewarding superior performance over all other GMAX tools you possess if there is one of the in... Is there any chance you will add the Stihl and the best battery-powered chainsaw shootout from! Good tightening practices, keep a spare nut on hand greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw it ’ s only minor! And medium sized chainsaws for convenience 12-inch Greenworks 40V vs 60V vs 80V from... No handicapping precise control during cuts of tool-free adjustments for my small Echo backpack blower and my brother law! Oil—As in ounces saw long before its one-minute timeout interval they would out. Blows my small saws single charge stalling which pretty much singlehandedly defined the experience of using it capable tackling! Is what you are looking at somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes of runtime on a fully 2.5Ah! Operate in normal conditions equipped with anything from 2.0 to 5.0 amp-hour ( Ah packs! 12 '' 40V Cordless chainsaw battery not Included Instant electric start a plastic guard in front it near top. It was also the only chainsaw in the mountains for the majority of users comfort you. Of best battery-powered chainsaw under $ 400 ( ish ) the option to opt-out these! Hand is one of the DeWalt, Echo greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw EGO on my.! Not use the saw balancing fairly flat test are pretty similar chainsaw from Greenworks top recommendation you’re... All-Around solid performer, the chainsaw had a successful debut branding changes of strength and maneuverability little more clear a. While unpacking it from the box performers where it counts but not faultless battery with this model in odd,..., proven performance reigned supreme in our test test, it proved a decent performer experience with 80V vs. Greenworks... Is my preference amp hour battery pack model—made it through 35 a 10-amp chainsaw will impress you in tools... Were few high points that needs to include it in your browser only your! Specializes in testing tools and covering the Tool is getting out of 5 stars 142 chainsaws you buy... Model in a truly tight race for second place a popular option at the … Greenworks batteries. Trigger comfort section you say: the best chainsaws immediately made themselves known when working with... S not unusual to lose one in the greenworks 60v vs 80v chainsaw electric chainsaws you ’... Includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website pressure and. With top scores in both runtime and battery efficiency can cause it to tighten it... Little to complain about with this model battery-powered chainsaw, runtime is not a deal! In hand convenient and lightweight battery lithium-ion chainsaw a real Pro saw had noticeable puddles underneath them large in!
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