You have the opportunity to connect with influencers, decision-makers, and leaders within your industry. . It’s important not to miss the opportunity here to go into more detail about your role and responsibilities. If you’re open to new opportunities but aren’t accepting InMails, you could be missing out on new, exciting roles. If you’ve already published articles related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, repurpose these and upload them to your LinkedIn profile to support the growth of your network. var disqus_shortname = 'kdnuggets'; Job Description :Job Location:Singapore Job Description : * Understand business processes, applications and how data is stored and gathered. The social networking platform bridges the gap between candidates and clients, which has led to more than 75% of professionals now using LinkedIn. Most LinkedIn users will include basic information that details their role. If you have a penchant for … They design data modeling processes, create algorithms and predictive models to extract the data the business needs, and help analyze the data … You have the ability to list each individual role that you’ve worked in. You’d be surprised at just how many profiles do not include any profile or header images. Because raw data can rarely be utilized reliably, businesses in a variety of industries look to these technical experts to collect, clean, and validate their data. Whichever category you fit into, you should consider using your profile as the ideal platform to document your role responsibilities, projects, and activities you’ve completed. Why? This demonstrates the completion of projects performed, further supporting the role. Treat this section as an opportunity to document your work within each role well. However if your skills are clearly listed within each relevant role with details of how they were implemented, it becomes clearer to the recruiter reviewing your profile where they have previously been applied. Some tasks or projects might not fit your job description on paper, but if they support areas of your expertise that an employer will look for, use them! If there’s no evidence that you have applied your experience to any given project, it implies you’re not qualified for the role you’re applying for, how many applications I receive from Data Scientists that do not include any references to projects that they have worked on. – Implement analytical models into production by collaborating with software developers and machine learning engineers. The reason we stress more about this is that LinkedIn is filled with data scientists who may have similar experiences and skills. In fact, according to a report by O’Reilly Media, nearly half of all European companies are struggling to fill data science positions. You’re a hot commodity. It’s also worth noting that your interests are visible to your profile visitors. – Include extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, and additional spoken/written languages. Someone who…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Studies performed by Indeed’s Hiring Lab show an overall increase of 256% in data science job openings since 2013, with an increase of 31% year over year from as recent as December 2018. For example; If you’re a data science professional, your skills might include some of the following: Word of mouth still is and always will be one of the most important forms of referral. While you may have one of the best pouts the internet has ever seen, LinkedIn is not the place for your weekend selfies or photos of your most precious feline friends. Talk to a Talent Solutions sales specialist. Don’t be shy in communities, use them as an opportunity to network and learn something new. With over 575 million registered users and more than 260 million of those active on a monthly basis, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the #1 professional networking platform. If there’s no evidence that you have applied your experience to any given project, it implies you’re not qualified for the role you’re applying for. Recruiters often comment on the lack of professionalism that comes across from writing about yourself in the third person. This is an immediate deterrent for recruitment and HR professionals. It is advisable to keep in mind that when posting anywhere across LinkedIn, your comments will be visible for all to see. It is no different from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’d rather see a profile description that has a concise overview of key work objectives and experience, . Buzzword Bingo. They will list the company they work for and the date range in which they’re employed at that company. I also work closely with the engineering team to strategise and execute the development of data products. You’re helping them delve deeper into why you are a perfect fit for an exciting new job role. //=b[e].k&&a.height>=b[e].j)&&(b[e]={rw:a.width,rh:a.height,ow:a.naturalWidth,oh:a.naturalHeight})}return b},t="";h("pagespeed.CriticalImages.getBeaconData",function(){return t});h("pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run",function(b,d,a,c,e,f){var k=new p(b,d,a,e,f);n=k;c&&m(function(){window.setTimeout(function(){r(k)},0)})});})();pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run('/mod_pagespeed_beacon','','OfXCWNuj4P',true,false,'scrjzUf_lv0'); Make the most out of these features to assist in making your profile visually arresting. You’d be surprisedhow many applications I receive from Data Scientists that do not include any references to projects that they have worked on – Alyesha Sayle – Senior Technical Recruiter (Language Technologies, Explainable AI & People Analytics), Having lots of text in your profile summary is off-putting and unnecessary. Of course, there are considerations you’ll need think about when taking your headshot photos. //]]>. I wasn’t getting hired as a Data Scientist. Because doing so gives others full transparency of your skills and experience which could be exactly what they are looking for. While it’s good to have many recommendations on your profile, we’d suggest only approving those that feature your skills. You will look as though you are not going to be responsive to any communications you might be sent. Want to make a … It doesn’t belong to our core responsibilities, but these moments provide the ideal opportunity to showcase your ability to go the extra mile and work as part of a team to support the business. Take the time to check you have your settings optimised so that you can be contacted by a recruiter. Keep your descriptions short and to the point, avoiding lengthy sentences and paragraphs. . Detailing your past and present roles provide recruiters with the most detailed insight. A data scientist knows how to extract meaning from and interpret data. In a report by Ryan Swanstorm, there is a crossover of skills between a Data Scientist, Software Engineer and Data Engineers. It means I can direct them to more relevant and exciting roles, and nobody's time is wasted. A good or bad bio could mean the difference between receiving valuable opportunities or losing them. We employ in excess of 5,500 people worldwide, who bring a unique blend of talent and energy through working together to deliver unrivalled innovative solutions to our customers./p pThrough our cutting … Yet the more information you can provide could benefit you in the long run. Not including any images in your profile gives the impression that you are not active on the platform. Job Description 2-3 years Data Science Areas: Hypothesis Testing, Study Design, Probability…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Each entry within your experience section enables you to provide links to websites and the ability to upload images to enhance the view of your entries. It is no different from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. lots of text in your profile summary is off-putting and unnecessary. Better yet, include both if you have both. , we can see that this individual works at Big Cloud as a Social Media Manager. Posted 4 weeks ago. For example, visitors of your page can see whom you are connected with, which topics you’re discussing, and the industries that you’re tapped into. We're here to help. . Job Description :Job DescriptionFueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity, PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and th Skills: Data Scientist … . Now that you’ve given your profile a whole new lick of paint let’s check some basic settings. It doesn’t have to be professional! You will join a team of data specialists, but will “slice and dice” data using your own methods, creating new visions for the future. Your goal is to communicate your expertise and individuality while maintaining a clear and concise description of your professional profile. You should use this section to feature the highlights that would be included in your CV and are of interest to potential employers. ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var c=0;a=d[c];++c){var e=a.getAttribute("pagespeed_url_hash");e&&(! They have a break down of what the role entails exactly. Q. – Tom Harris – Principal Consultant (Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence). ":"&")+"url="+encodeURIComponent(b)),f.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),f.send(a))}}},s=function(){var b={},d=document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");if(0==d.length)return{};var a=d[0];if(! So I sought data on who is. Job Description Genuent is hiring a Data Scientist. As our new Data Scientist, you will work with our team to develop and maintain database systems to assist with the timely collection and collation of data and information. . Data science is a vast, complex industry with many subsets. As you mine, interpret, and clean our data, we will rely on you to ask questions, connect the dots, and uncover opportunities that lie hidden within—all with the ultimate goal of realizing the data’s full potential. We can guarantee it. Description - Provide insight to problem solving by using engineering skills and all available data. So what does this mean for you as someone in data science, engineering, or machine learning? We will rely on you to build data products to extract valuable … What would you recommend to a data science LinkedIn candidate who wanted to stand out when applying for a job? Most certainly yes. Joining groups is a great way to meet new people who share common interests with you. This will increase your likelihood of being contacted, all while ensuring you’re selling yourself to the best of your ability. We can guarantee it. Not only that, but you’ll also upload your cv directly to a new opportunity. Let’s say you’re working as a Data Scientist. Recruiters will use recommendations to verify your ability to perform within a given role. One thing that always stands out to me is when a candidate has included a link to either their own website or Github profile. Be straight to the point and avoid confusing individual areas of your expertise when you list them, It’s worth considering that in your busy schedule, you might have overlooked certain aspects of your work. In addition to showcasing your best smile, you’ll also want to make sure that you have a header image that preferably relates to your area of expertise. The social networking platform bridges the gap between candidates and clients, which has led to more than 75% of professionals now using LinkedIn. Evaluate internal systems for efficiency, problems, and inaccuracies, developing and maintaining protocols for handling, processing, and cleaning data. Use every line within your profile description to sell what it is that you do and what you can offer. If you’re open to new opportunities but aren’t accepting InMails, you could be missing out on new, exciting roles. What are the most common mistakes you see on a data scientist profile? Take the time to check you have your settings optimised so that you can, within the first 5 – 10 seconds of browsing an applicants profile. Also, candidates who don’t accept InMails are making a big mistake. It will increase your chances of being a successful candidate when applying for roles – and that’s the end goal, right? Your standard role requirements may look something like this: – As a lead data strategist, I identify and integrate new datasets that can be leveraged through our product capabilities. What is a Data Scientist? Your LinkedIn job seeking preferences should look like this: Now we’ve covered the areas in which you can make the most out of your LinkedIn profile, let’s drill down into the data science recruitment process. Better still, support your skillset within the context of a project description. Job Description - Senior Data Scientist Location: Montreal, Ottawa & Toronto We Are Job Description Overview The people who love using data to tell a story. Engaging in a group activity will lead to new ways in which you can be discovered and considered for new job opportunities. with data science professionals. It feels less personable. LinkedIn Data Scientist in Moses Lake, WA Of course, many have a different job … A strong candidate will have taken time to perfect their profile and communicate their professional experience. Specifically, professionals working within Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence organisations. Data scientists utilize their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets. It will give you a place of reference to always look back and reflect on. Posted 2 months ago. Keep all of your writing as human as possible. O’Donnell (founder and CEO of Work It Daily) puts it, ‘a LinkedIn profile is ‘ours to manage. This will further outline your professional portfolio and capabilities. "),c=g;a[0]in c||!c.execScript||c.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===d?c[e]?c=c[e]:c=c[e]={}:c[e]=d};var l=function(b){var d=b.length;if(0
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